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I’m Chris, specializing in Content Marketing for Mobile, Tech and Automotive industries.
If you're a business or professional seeking a content creator, Social Media Mgmt. presence or simply looking to hire please contact me.

am I?

My name's Chris Leustean and I'm 21, based in Milan.

I'm an extroverted person who likes to connect with people and brands.
I love creating effective media and marketing campaigns for products that I believe in.
My vision is a better online world where visual and text-based content is made impeccably and creatively.

Xiaomi Global
I have an ongoing collaboration with Xiaomi Italy, where I make sure to deliver the best content possible of their technology products.
Lamborghini and Oppo Mobile
I have joined Lamborghini Squadra Corse and Oppo Mobile Italy as a brand ambassador, for the Misano World final.
Spur Japan
In Q4 2017 and Q1 2018, I curated Spur Japan's fashion magazine, published by Shueisha.
Milan Fashion Week
During Fashion Week in Milan, I produce media content for fashion magazines, online mags and models.

SMM and takeover

I'm studying and have Social Media knowledge, being proven by my past collaborations.
I focus on quality and appealing media, right audience and the best ways of communicating with fans.


Product photography

I have a wide view of things, with new ideas, keeping in mind project's goal and target.
All media is being delivered in time and in an exceptional way.


Technology content

Skillful when comes to technology, that means reviews and articles about smartphones, digital cameras and IT.


Automotive sector

High knowledge of this sector, focusing on electric, hybrid and petrol plants. Updated with latest trends and market orientation.


Current project

Milano16V aims to bring high quality content to luxury and car enthusiasts all around the world. As a team of car collectors and creative minds, such as artists, photographers, graphic designers and writers, we provide you with entertainment and news from the world of cars, style, cuisine and aesthetics.



Email: hello@iamchrisart.com
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Instagram: @iamchrisart
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Milan, Italy
Worldwide if needed

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