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About me

Thanks for your further interest in me! 🧐

I, during a videoshoot led by Tito Capovilla for Accademia di Brera.


As you read before I'm 20 and into Social Media, and I want to pursue that path, starting to study Corporate Communication and Public Relations at IULM.

I'm a cheerful person, who likes to meet new people and discovering new cultures!

And uhhh, I like animals a lot, especially cats!


It's the way I express myself.

Photography is my biggest passion, of which I dedicate most of my time. I've started developing this interest back in 2013, when a friend let me try his camera, from there I kept shooting picture after picture, smile after smile!

Initially I was shooting landscape, portraits of friends and animals in general, as every beginner. Then some friends introduced me into cycling, and I was thrown into a new world. Constantly challenging myself of how to use the camera at its best.

Fortunately I had the passion of learning and asking others tips and how&to's, doing so I met other photographers which had more knowledge than me, they helped me a lot! But most of my skills come from other professionals, where I could learn, because they let me assist while they were working. In a few years I've grown my abilities and defined my familiarities, in terms of photography.

I kept shooting and learning, and so, various brands had interest in working with me, from offering photo services of products to following a sports team around Italy. That's when I realized that it was time to interact with brands, so I could grow even more. From there I started discovering new horizons, where today I specialize in commercial, fashion, automotive and sports photography.

Even to this day I like doing pictures in my free time! I have a lot of fun taking my camera around and snapping pictures of where I go or of new people that I casually meet.

Passion for cycling.

It all began 5 years ago.

Chas Christiansen rocking SF's streets.

I have been introduced mostly by a few friends and my brother, who liked cycling since kids. From the beginning I was thrown into this world, where I did manage to know personally a lot of athletes or being in contact with them, i.e. Ignazio Moser, Davide Vigano' or Ivan Cortina. 

Naturally, I've bought a bike too! And to this day I enjoy wandering around Milan or going out for a group ride, bear in mind that I'm not a pro!

While meeting other professionals, I got to also to know race organizers, and soon I became one of the known person in the Fixed Gear scene, here in Italy and the US.

To this day I take part at events as a photographer and Social director, following race teams around the country, sponsored by cycling brands.

In 2017, with various athletes, we've founded a cycling team, meant to perform internationally, from Italy and UK to South Korea.

Automotive world.

Japanese automakers are my favourite, with Lexus as a go one.

Infiniti QX50 "Japanese born" projector videoshoot.

Since a kid I had the passion for cars, tuned or not. I spent a lot of hours playing Need for Speed or Gran Turismo on PS2. While growing up I had the possibility of meeting other people, at car meets, who were into this, and now are mechanics or basically own race cars.

My dear friend Mattia, who's also one of my partner, introduced me to Carrozzeria GT3 Auto, who specializes in customizing race cars, like Ferrari and Porsche's. There I had my first collaboration, where I had to shoot M'Baye Niang's (Juventus footballer) custom made GLA45.

From there I got to know more people, and eventually to manage a car blog and even to take part as a Staff member of a famous car meet in Milan.

Today I like hanging out with my friends, simply talking about cars or going out for a ride at the local track. 

Gather, think, develop, launch.