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Red Hook Criterium

My ongoing collaboration with RHC.


I've been at RHC events since 2014

Red Hook Criterium is one of the most known race championships in the world, and I'm part of it.

Early days as a volunteer

I started my journey at RHC as a volunteer, mainly being in the sales team, registration process and then as a bike mechanic, where I made sure that every athlete had his bike ready for the competition.

Producing Media content and evolving as a collaborator

While getting myself known and developing sports pictures, (who also sponsors RHC) asked to be a race reporter and journalist for their site. I obviously accepted and started producing various media, from there I could join RHC as a photographer to document their race.


In 2017 I came up with this project, where my goal was to picture the athlete in various pain contexts.


"Faces of" is my latest project where I framed 240 people at the main event in Milan.

Gather, think, develop, launch.