Xiaomi Global and Italy

I teamed up with Xiaomi for flagship releases.


Straight contact with Marketing Team

I assist Xiaomi's Marketing team with developing content based on their Marketing plan, and bringing new ideas.

Advertisement related media

After analyzing together carefully the plan, I bring new ideas and how the scenario will possible be. When it is defined, I produce the relative content for advertising purposes.

Social Media Editor for Lombardy province

Other than advertising, I take care of Lombardia's Instagram page, where Xiaomi finances events around the province.
At these events, I produce realtime stories, pictures and I entertain the public which can be at home. 


Xiaomi Mi8, flagship of 2018

I had the role of using the device everyday, make content, review it and finally advertise it on the market.

Reviewing and developing content for advertisement

My job was to review the device itself, ranging from the battery, display to GPS. Every review I wrote was made public via Xiaomi's social media. Once I finished reviewing it, I had to make digital content about it, such as pictures and promo videos, using DSLR's. All media content was aimed to Xiaomi's, Global and Italy social media platforms.

Content development with the device itself

This is so called "#ShotOnMi8" program, where Xiaomi challenged its collaborators to advertise the device at its best, using flagship's top tier features, such as the cameras.


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